Icons: Legacy Edition is Coming Soon

Thank you to Wavedash & our fans

By: Chris Kovalik / @CAKovalik

As I detail in What’s Next for Wavedash Games, I have acquired Wavedash Games and Icons: Combat Arena with it. Our ambition is to effectively continue development on the game under a new name and direction.

As part of our heritage with Wavedash, we recognize an important promise that was made last year.

A “Definitive version of Icons that will continue to live on … for the community.”

Today, we announce that we are stepping up to fulfill that promise. The Icons: Legacy Edition will also serve as a permanent “snapshot” of the game while we push development forward under Vortex Rising.

Please see below for questions we’ve anticipated to the Icons: Legacy Edition. We may also update this FAQ over time.

Why re-release Icons?

We are releasing the Icons: Legacy Edition, because it is the right thing to do. Last year, a promise was made not just to our players but to the Wavedash team. We're releasing it for them.

For many members of the team, Icons is their first and only professionally launched game. Right now, there is nothing that they can point to and say "We built that."

For our players, especially those that paid for content, they couldn’t play the Definitive version promised to them.

Even though this wasn't a promise from myself or Vortex, we thought it was important enough to release nonetheless.

We are continuing development of Icons under a new name and direction, so there will not be any updates to the Legacy Edition. It is intended as a tribute. A memorial to the Wavedash Team and our Fans.

What does the Icons: Legacy Edition look like?

The Icons: Legacy Edition includes all seven previously released characters: Afi & Galu, Ashani, Kidd, Raymer, Xana, Weishan and Zhurong as well as a never-before played character, Ezzie.

It also includes every unlockable cosmetic item that was previously locked behind Icon’s lootbox system. This also includes a set of timely Halloween themed cosmetics for most of the cast!

What has been done to update the Icons: Legacy Edition?

The Icons: Legacy Edition is based on a branch of code written in October 2018. It is preserved exactly as the Wavedash team intended to release it. In the final months of Icons, the team made several important modifications to the gameplay experience based on fan feedback.

The details of those changes will be elaborated on later. The most important feature, though, is called out in the next section.

Can I play the Icons: Legacy Edition in my country?

Yes! The Icons: Legacy Edition is based on peer-to-peer connections. This has two benefits. It makes our connections more stable and low latency between players nearby since we’ve cut out the server in-between. It also means that anyone can play Icons: Legacy Edition worldwide.

How much is it?

Remember: The Icons: Legacy Edition is not intended to be released as a business decision. It’s being released to fulfill the promise made by the Wavedash Team. As a result, we intend for it to be free for those who bought Founders Packs, Pro Packs or those that bought characters in Icons: Combat Arena.

For everyone else who is interested and wants to give this game a try, we are still debating about how much to charge for this. We are currently a very small team that is continuing with development and could honestly use the funds to support our work.

When is it coming out?

As soon as possible. Ideally, no later than the end of October.

So what do I do now?

Nothing necessary! Steam should automatically give you access to the game when it goes live. Check out some streams we have hosted on the Icons: Legacy Edition.

You can also check out our work Vortex Rising by signing up for our Alpha. If you want to learn more about Vortex Rising, check out our post on What’s Next for Wavedash Games.

Note: A prior update said that Steam receipts were necessary for being redeemed for getting free access to the Icons: Legacy Edition.